Techtronics Noise Cancelling Headphones EAH-800

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Ok, I got this on a whim. I…. have a bit of a head phone problem. Not an earbud problem, a headphone problem.

I hadn’t heard of this brand but I have a pair of Bose that are in this price range. These headphones have what the Bose lack: Bass.

While they aren’t an insane amount of Bass or too heavy bass like Beats or Sony MDRXB’s, they are definitely a step up from the Bose.

The app is pretty feature-rich and these headphones include not only Noise-canceling (and the ability to adjust how much noise canceling you want) but also an ambient mode to let some of the background noise seep in. This feature is great if you need to still be aware of your environment while listening to audio.

Connecting them to an iPhone or a Mac is super easy and you can connect to more than one device.

I appreciated the included accessories (see photo).

The right ear cup is touch capacitive and you can program it to change the noise canceling/ambient modes with a double or triple tap. This seems like it works fairly well most of the time.

It is also able to be used with Siri or Amazon Alexa. I wish it was integrated with google assistant as well but I don’t believe it is.

From a brief half-hour of testing, I had no issues with comfort and I have a very large head.

I can’t wait to put these through their paces but this is a great set of headphones.

Update: Unfortunately, these snapped on me and I had to throw them away. No amount of glue would fix them. I was super bummed, they were awesome-sounding head phones.






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