Monitor Light that doesn’t break the bank

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I’ve been eyeing one of these types of monitor lamps for a long time. I really wanted one with a wireless controller and when this popped up, I had to try it out.

Easy to set up, just put it on top of your monitor. I have a 43” monitor so it sits next to my webcam, but for smaller monitors, you might have to choose a different solution if a webcam is needed (and it is for most of us these days).

I really like all of the configuration options and the presets are a nice touch. You can go from a really nice warm temperature to a brighter white temperature.

The lamp swivels a bit to project light out further toward where you would be sitting.

The only reason I give it 4 stars is that they didn’t include batteries in the package and ultimately, batteries shouldn’t even be a requirement.

If they make the puck rechargeable and so to some more weight, this easily gets a 5/5 but it really is a nice product.






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