Hecate (by Edifier) “Gaming Earbuds”

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When I saw these for sale I was like… What is this brand? Who makes these? They are cheap so…

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were by Edifier, which is a brand known for its superb audio at a budget price.

I have never owned any other Edifier products but have kept my eye on them for a long time and I am so glad I pulled the trigger on these.

For the price point they offer a TON of features: Noise-cancelling, ambient sound, gaming mode (low latency), 6+ hours without ANC on, and another 13.5 hours if you throw them in the case, light effects (on earbuds and case).

Additionally, let’s talk about that case… It is so cool! I feel like a nerd but I don’t even care. Giving me some real superhero vibes and taking them in and out of the case is a joy.

Now to the most important part, the audio: It is blowing me away for this price point.

The treble is balanced and the bass has some punch, which I can’t say all earbuds at this price point have.

Unfortunately at this time, there doesn’t seem to be a companion application for setup and adjustments. These are a pretty new product so I hope that will come soon! It would be nice to get some additional EQ on these to add a bit of treble back in.

I had to say that the pairing process was a bit different and you will need to read the manual to figure out all of the different tap sequences for the buds and how to pair/reset/pair to more than one device.

I think if they could develop an app that makes all of this stuff easier I could easily bump this review up. Overall I am super pleased.






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