Avstar Two Monitor KVM Switch

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So I wasn’t sure if this would fit my needs entirely at first as I had planned to try and tie it into a USB Dock, however, after some fiddling and some research online, I was able to make it work! I currently have it switching between a work computer and a personal computer, with a usb dock attached AND a multi usb hub attached to the dock.

I have a lot of peripherals so I need all the extra ports and while the setup isn’t as straightforward as using this KVM switch straight out of the box, it does work, so there is no doubt in my mind this would be great for someone not trying to “hack” the setup.

The things I really like: Clear ports (if you are setting it up normally this should be no issue). IR remote switch, physical button switch, and keyboard hotkey to switch.

I do wish it came with some clearer instructions and more cables. It only comes with two USB 3.0 cables, it would be nice if they could throw in all the HDMI cables one would need (6 in total for two monitors/computers if you are setting it up as intended) and maybe raise the price a bit.

The switch came in a really generic box with no label but was packaged nicely. Time will tell I suppose as to if it will last, but overall I am happy with this one.






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